My wish has come true.

When i was just a kid maybe 12 or 13 years old i loved watching and worshiping the stars lighting up the night with beautiful moments of a huge and inexplicable tranquility. When the time came for "Noche Buena" almost before 12 pm without let my my mother knows, she expected us all to share the 12 grapes as a symbol of a tradition that existed according to her, i run to the nearest park and sat down looking at the stars and feel deeply the darkness around me, also sitting around me i could see an occasional old man admiring the night and yes the stars. They and i share the same thoughts, the same feelings i thought... My eyes were addressed without understanding, occasionally i also observe these amazing pillars history, older people, elderly people who make our history and an inner voice was telling  me, "I wish to be old" and feeling what they are feeling with their fantastic stories in their memory ... i wish to be a sweet and knowledgeable old man, today my wish has come true ... I am old, gentle, calm and my wisdom is in heaven.

Childhood Memories  / hermeshart™
Hermes Hernandez New York Artist 2014
Real Story.