My Infant Years

My infant years

I Grew Up in my Grand parents Farm... Where chicken, pigs ,horses and goats were the stars of the show,and me running around most of the time with a timeless energy...i was 2 0r 3 years old. I learned to ride horses at the age of 2 or 3 years old and my favor toy was...a white lady horse call "butterfly",who teach me to ride this big animals ? ,my crazy and happy oldest brothers.....My infant years some time feels like a dream but it was a wonderful and unforgettable moment in my life.I started to be in touch with colors when one day in my four birthday i had a gift from my step father(the sculptor) a little white and beautiful playful dog , i don't remember what name he got,i only remember that one day i get bored about the color of my tiny dog and i came up with the idea to paint my puppy in another color.....I look around the house and i find disperse everywhere dark red papers,the one people use to make artificial flowers,i took a can with water and i put the red papers inside....the water turn red and i was very happy,( i was thinking) i got the color for my puppy dog!... right away i took my sweet pet and i gave him a shower and for my surprise my puppy turn "Purple"....even do i was very,very exciting.... That's was one of my first master piece,to find the meaning of colors, turning my white puppy dog in a purple and beautiful creature.....Then my mother knew at that moment my love for colors.

My Child's Memories
Hermes F Hernandez
Yonkers New York
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